Faster, Smarter New Generation of Generative AI

Generative AI is artificial intelligence that generates new content like text, audio, images, video, etc. These are generated based on existing facts and information. Although generative AI has been under development for a decade, the launch of ChatGPT in 2022 made it famous. The significance of this version is that ChatGPT could generate content based on normal human interactions. The response in this model is faster, smarter, and versatile compared to the original machine learning models.

Features of the New Generation of Generative AI

  • Increased Model size: The new generation has a much bigger scale that considers trillions of parameters. This helps it to create more accurate and high-quality text and images in response.

  • Multimodal: Now, generative AI can handle various types of data simultaneously and generate creative and wholesome responses that, for instance, may include an image description, its translation, and audio.

  • Improved training techniques: Developers and researchers are working on improving the training techniques of these models. This has helped the generative AI models faster and more accurately access vast data.

Applications of Generative AI

Several industries are already using the faster and smarter new generation of generative AI.

  • Content Creation: Generative AI is widely used to create text, image, audio, and video content. With the advancement in technology, the resolution and quality of content are likely to get much better.

  • Healthcare: The healthcare industry uses generative AI to identify drug candidates. It can also be used to improve the quality of scan images to help with the accuracy of diagnosis.

  • Entertainment: The creative world is having a ball with generative AI. This technology can assist in creating or modifying scripts, videos, art, etc.

  • Customer Service: Most industries use generative AI to improve customer service. Chatbots are efficient, fast, and can support the customers 24/7.

Future of Generative AI

The sudden popularity of ChatGPT has fueled several researchers to improve the solutions by generative AI. Considering that the application of generative AI in different sectors, such as healthcare, business, finance, entertainment, etc., is increasing, it is expected to evolve continuously. 

  • Domain-specific models that are specialized in a particular field can be expected.

  • There are several concerns regarding the ethics and bias in using generative AI. For example, deepfakes are causing a threat to the authenticity of data that will be out there. It can also lead to numerous instances of fraud. The future models will prioritize mitigating these issues.

  • Persistent work is going on to help users guide the output more efficiently.


The future decade will see innovative advancements in generative AI technology. The new generation is faster and smarter and strives to be safer, more ethical, and more accurate in its output. Many industries have already adopted Generative AI, while others are still testing the waters. The challenge would remain in balancing human creativity with artificial intelligence. Some industries may avoid generative AI to cater to original and creative content unless appropriate developments occur in the future for new-generation generative AI.

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