Supporting your Child’s Education: Homeschooling Resources in the UK

As a parent, you play a major role in the education of your children. Given the recent restrictions
imposed during the pandemic, it has further emphasised how important it is for parents to stay
informed and take active steps to ensure their children are receiving a quality education during
this time. Homeschooling can be an effective solution for providing this support; however, many
parents don’t know if there are even resources available in the UK that provide them with
guidance on homeschooling. This blog post should help you find answers to these questions and
show you how to use homeschooling resources in the UK.

Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling provides students with a unique learning experience that can offer several
benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that homeschoolers have more freedom to create a
curriculum that fits their needs and interests. This means that they can get more one-on-one
instruction. They also benefit from comfortable, low-stress environments that are free of
distractions and bullying. In addition, homeschoolers tend to develop better study habits as they
juggle various tasks and courses while pursuing their chosen path to success. Lastly,
homeschooling gives kids an opportunity to explore deeper into specific topics and interests
outside of what schools are required to teach. All these benefits make homeschooling an ideal
choice for those looking for more customized education paths.

Homeschooling Resources in the UK

Are you a UK-based parent considering homeschooling for your family? With so many
resources available, it can be difficult to know where to start if you’re just beginning the journey.
But don’t worry, there are a lot of helpful websites, activities, and books that make
homeschooling fun and educational.

  1. Educational Materials and Curriculum
    The most important resource that parents need when it comes to homeschooling is educational
    materials and curriculum. There are plenty of online resources that offer free access to
    educational materials, such as Khan Academy, which offers thousands of lessons in math,
    science, grammar, history, and more. Other free online sources include BBC Bitesize and The
    Open University’s OpenLearn platform. For those looking for more comprehensive learning
    materials and curriculum, there are also plenty of paid options available.
  2. Support Networks
    It can be daunting for parents who are new to homeschooling to figure out where to begin
    without any guidance or support from teachers or other school staff members. Fortunately, there
    is an abundance of support networks available for parents who want a helping hand when it
    comes to providing the best education for their children. These networks provide advice on
    everything from lesson planning and curriculum development to discipline strategies and
    assessment methods. They can also be great places for parents to connect with other families
    who share similar experiences.
  3. Online Classes
    Another great way for parents to supplement their children’s learning at home is through online
    classes taught by qualified professionals in various subject areas such as math, science,
    language arts, music, and art. Many companies offer online classes for homeschoolers that are
    made just for them. This way, students can get a good education while learning at home with
    their families. The TUSU App offers online classes that give students access to interactive
    activities that they might not have been able to do in person due to pandemic restrictions.
    Due to the pandemic and restrictions on classroom instruction, more and more families in the
    UK are choosing to teach their children at home. Luckily, there is an abundance of helpful
    resources available for those looking for ways to support their child’s education from home,
    including educational materials and curriculum, support networks, and online classes taught by
    qualified professionals. With the right resources at their disposal, parents can feel more
    confident when it comes time for them to teach their kids at home!
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